Uniform Supplier in Malaysia

Make your team standout with well-designed and crafted workwear made to fit your brand. Uniform Supplier Malaysia provides the best uniform Malaysia employees love to wear. Check out our line of workwear or get customized designs that would make them feel good about their work.

  • Elegant and comfortable workwear for all industries
  • Customized employee uniform program for your brand
  • Use of comfortable and high-quality materials
  • Designed to fit your team’s work requirements

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Well-Designed Uniform in Malaysia

Welcome to Uniform Supplier Malaysia, your top-source for quality and affordable workwear. We provide the best uniform Malaysia workforce would be proud to use and wear.

Explore our line of workwear and apparels and start designing your employee uniform program with us!


Bespoke Employee Uniform

Issue the best and personalized employee uniform line for your customer-facing team. Call the uniform expert!

Up-to-date Hotel Uniform

Make your employees feel confident to face guests and VIPs! We offer modish hotel uniform line based on your brand.

Slick Corporate Blazer

Put on a chic work outfit that will promote confidence in the workplace. Check out our line of corporate blazers & workwear.

Polished-looking Security Uniform

Inspire confidence & by providing excellent security uniform to your security detail and team. Check our set of security uniforms.

Comfy Kindergarten Uniform

Let your little students enjoy moving, playing, and learning with well-made & comfy Kindergarten uniform from Uniform King!

Durable Bomber Jacket

Brave harsh weather conditions in your line of work with our superior bomber jacket line. Browse our range of workwear apparel!

First-rate Scrub Suits & Gowns

Protect your medical staff by using top-notch scrub suits and gowns from a trusted supplier. Contact your uniform specialist today!

Uniform Malaysia Experts At Your Service

Uniform King is your trusted source of top-notch workwear apparel and garments in Malaysia. We aim to provide our clients with well-designed and functional uniform lines that would complement their business style, ideals, and brand.

As an established uniform supplier in Selangor, KL, and Puchong, we strive to provide our clients with the best workwear options that would not only raise their company’s brand and reputation but also help their employees to work comfortably and with confidence.

Our line of bespoke uniform solutions cover a wide range of industries – from corporate (company uniforms, executive jackets, blazers, employee uniforms), hospitality (cleaner uniform, chef apron, chef, jacket, chef uniform, restaurant uniform, maid uniform, hotel uniform), medical (medical scrubs, OT scrubs, cherokee scrubs, paediatric scrubs, nurse uniform, lab coats), academic and sports (kindergarten uniform, football jersey), service-oriented (driver uniform, bodyguard uniform, technician uniform, safety jackets, bomber jackets).

We are your trusted workwear specialists in Malaysia and here’s why:

  • We offer a wide range of uniform solutions for various industries
  • We provide personalized designs that would fit your company’s image
  • We use the highest-quality of materials for our uniform line
  • We offer budget-friendly uniform solutions
  • We ensure quick turnaround time for your workwear orders
  • We served businesses and clients across Malaysia

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